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Digital Materials

  • Online Promotions

  • Printed Materials

  • Specials

  • Website Ads

Through advertising a business can draw in new clients and continue to connect with current clients.  With so many different mediums to choose from, and each with its own unique set of audiences, take advantage of the numerous opportunities to build your business through advertising.  This module will introduce both traditional advertising and the latest trends allowing you to choose which options are best for you.


Digital Materials

  • Identify

  • Content Creation

  • Strategy

  • Promote

Branding is the process of placing a meaning on a specific company, product, or service by creating an image in the consumer’s mind.  This image connects a physical design with emotional elements resulting in a personal connection by the client.  This module will give you a tactical advantage in determining the best way to market your business through the image you want to create.

Business Plan

Digital Materials

  • Goals & Objectives

  • Mission Statement

  • Plan Your Plan

  • Writing a Business Plan

Developing a business plan is a process to help business owners grow their operations, increase profits, develop and market products/services and plan for business transition.  This is done  through focusing decisions on objectives and goals. This module will introduce the fundamentals of writing a successful business plan by focusing on vision, goals, and objectives.

Client Acquistions

Digital Materials

  • First Impression

  • Address Inner Ego

  • Educate

  • Customer Experience

Acquiring new clients involves persuading consumers to purchase a company’s products and/or services.  The lifeline of a successful business is to continuously draw in new clients.  This module will introduce the steps most critical for acquiring new clients through research, target audience engagement, and new client retention.

Client Relations

Digital Materials

  • Essential Updates

  • Exceptional Communication

  • Feedback Management

  • Over Deliver

By creating a strong connection with customers and clients from the start, a business can establish an ongoing communication about services and products resulting in customer satisfaction and loyalty.  This module covers collaborative discovery, trust, communication, and customer lifetime value.

Client Retention

Digital Materials

  • Know Your Client

  • Loyalty Rewards

  • VIP Communication

  • Follow UP

The goal of all businesses is to retain as many customers as possible.  Through marketing and education, service beyond expectation, and loyalty programs client retention is the foundation to a steady income or profit.  This module focuses on proven techniques for improving customer retention through support, special offers, rewards, and follow-up.


Digital Materials

  • Business Forms

  • Client / Vendor Files

  • Finances

  • Legal

Documentation plays a pivotal role with the success of many businesses.   The purpose of documentation is to maintain files, record client, customer, and consumer information, streamline business procedures, manage finances, and adhere to regulations and legal obligations. This module focuses on best practices and filing systems, as well as business forms, spreadsheets, and reports.


Digital Materials

  • Website

  • Software

  • Online Marketplace

  • SEO & Analytics

E-commerce is a business model that enables the marketing, buying and selling of merchandise or services over the Internet. E-commerce extends to a virtual shop or a segment of a physical business with an on-line presence.  This module will introduce the use of business websites, online marketplace, and e-comm software plus the importance of Search Engine Optimization and analytics.

Email Campaign Marketing

Digital Materials

  • Strategy Plan

  • Service Providers

  • Persuasive Communication

  • Increase Subscribers

An email marketing campaign is a series of emails a business uses to communicate with current and potentials customers.  A successful campaign persuades the subscribers to either remain a customer or to become one. This module will help you develop a strategy plan and increase your target audience through subscriptions and persuasive communication.

Event Planning

Digital Materials

  • Agenda/Venue

  • Budget

  • Attendees

  • Team Roles

The objective of special marketing events is to increase sales, create awareness or widen market penetration.  The process of planning and coordinating a promotional event includes budgeting, scheduling, site selection, attendee management, and numerous tasks. This module offers a high-level overview of the logistics of planning an event.

Increase Your Audience

Digital Materials

  • Showcase Schedule

  • Push Notifications

  • Special Guests

  • Audience Participation

With so many on-demand webcasts streaming throughout the day , it is essential to promote your video before, during, and after the video becomes available for viewing.  With the right tactics, your fan base can increase through marketing while actively engaging with your current audience to encourage their continued patronage.  This module will focus on the power of promotions through social media groups, unique updates, and interaction with live audience.

Internet Radio

Digital Materials

  • Advertisements

  • Product Sales

  • Sponsors

  • Website Subscriptions

An internet radio broadcast, also known as a webcast, allows a listener not only listen but to watch, interact, and share the webcast with others with a click of their mouse.  As a producer or the host of a webcast, you are responsible to create the brand that can turn a profit.  It is your responsibility to, not only market, but create a sales platform.  This module will include different ways to create revenue through sponsors, merchandise sales, and advertisements.

Legal Intelligence

Digital Materials

  • Agreements & Contracts

  • Copyright

  • Liabilities

  • Vendor Scope of Work

The ability to acquire legal services and recognize when liabilities and risks should not be ignored can be considered as legal intelligence.  In the business world, it means knowing when to consult with an attorney or understand the risks when you do not.  This module identifies common issues and obligations of a business owner focusing on contracts, agreements, copyright protection, and limiting liabilities when resources are low.

Legal Structure

Digital Materials

  • Limited Liability Company

  • Partnership

  • Sole Proprietorship

  • S-Corp / C- Corp

When starting a business, an entrepreneur will choose a legal structure also known as the legal status of a company.  The different types of business structures have different legal and tax considerations which will impact the level of liability of the company.  This module details the four most common legal structures for business.

Live Video

Digital Materials

  • Facebook Live

  • Instagram

  • Periscope

  • YouTube

Live video internet broadcasting has created a gateway to a large population of potential customers for businesses worldwide.  With the technology easily accessible and the cost so low, often free, businesses can share their brand in unique ways that advertising cannot.  This module will feature the different platforms currently using live video and the benefits and restrictions that can effect your message.

Mastermind Dynamics  

Digital Materials

  • The Mastermind

  • The Other Minds

  • Account-able Partner

  • The Startup

Boost your business results by creating an entrepreneurial mastermind group.  A mastermind group consists of two or more people who meet regularly to share their business insight and their unique talents to help other members set goals, overcome obstacles, and strive for success.  In this module, you will discover the benefits of collective input, the value of an accountability partner, and how to run a Mastermind group


Digital Materials

  • Vision

  • Focus

  • Resourceful

  • Accountable

The state of mind of an entrepreneur is considered a business mindset.  This refers to understanding the emotional ties to your business.  Through practical habits and keeping a balance between attachment and commitment, entrepreneurs can obtain their business and financial goals. This module identifies the characteristics and the frame of mind required to “get the job done” and ways to improve your business mindset.

Money Management

Digital Materials

  • Bank Records

  • Billing & Accounts Receivable

  • Cash Flow

  • Expense Management

Every company, big or small, is always concerned about managing money. Proper financial management begins with the business owner. As a business owner, it is important to be familiar with basic bookkeeping and money management principles as it is cash flow and managing accounts that keep a business profitable.  This module introduces simple bookkeeping methods and the follow up required to manage you cash flow.


Digital Materials

  • Casual Contact Networks

  • Online Networks

  • Professional Associations

  • Follow Up Methods

Business networking is a popular way to form business relationships and create new opportunities which benefit your business.  Networking is more than shaking a hand and distributing your business card.  It is a proactive way to tell others about your business and convert them into customers.  This module focuses on the different type of business networking and the essential skills necessary for successful networking.


Digital Materials

  • Purpose & Outcome

  • Content

  • Cross Promote

  • Avoid Spam Folders

The purpose of a newsletter is to inform clients and potential clients of the latest developments in a business.  This cost-effective marketing tool can be used to advertise new products or services, offer special promotions, and can even develop a company’s image through featured articles.  This module identifies the four areas of a successful newsletter and how to keep subscribers from unsubscribing while adding new subscribers.


Digital Materials

  • Prepare

  • Promote

  • Materials

  • Engage

Speaking engagements require a person to speak publicly to an audience with the intent to inform, motivate, persuade, or educate.  The subject, choice of words, and delivery depend on who the audience is.  The success of the presentation is a result of how well prepared the speaker was and the message that was delivered.  This module offers strategies of effective presentations through preparation, content, and connecting with the audience.


Digital Materials

  • Sourcing

  • Purchasing

  • Contracting

  • Contract Management

A key element in building a successful business involves procuring goods or services. This business management function, also known as procurement, is essential as it covers a range of activities that include selecting vendors through sourcing, negotiations, contracting, and contract management.  This module will help you to streamline processes, reduce costs, and limit risks as you build your business utilizing external suppliers, vendors, and services.

Product Development

Digital Materials

  • Product Idea

  • Manufacturing

  • Pricing

  • Inventory

Product development is a cycle of converting an idea into commercial goods or services.  The process of creating a product or service involves multiple steps from initial development with modifications leading to the final results before being introduced to the consumer.  This module presents the five (5) stages of product development and pinpointing your target market.

Product Sales

Digital Materials

  • Brick & Mortar Store

  • Exhibition

  • Internet Marketplace

  • Trade Show

Product sales is when a consumer buys products or merchandise that they either need or desire. At one time, brick and mortar stores were the more popular way to captures sales.  Current trends now include online marketplace, business websites, demonstrations, and even exhibitions/presentations.  This module introduces the traditional and modern ways to sell products based on budget, target audience, and fulfillment needs.

Retail Merchandising

Digital Materials

  • Cosignment

  • Payment Terms

  • Revenue Split

  • Refund/Credit Policy

Retail merchandisers encourage customers to shop in their physical store, draws in new customers through displays and advertising while offering on-line customers incentives to shop locally.  This module offers business owners selling specialty products, artwork, and custom designed merchandise through brick and mortar stores and the benefits of eliminating online sales, bulk inventory, and use of fulfillment centers.


Digital Materials

  • Pitch

  • Correspondence

  • Closing the Sale

  • Network

The action of selling a product or service is known as sales.  Without a sale, a business cannot succeed.  Marketing may introduce a product or service, but it is the closing of the sale that puts money in the bank.  This module focuses on the communication between the salesperson and the consumer through introduction, engagement, and the closing of the sale.

Sales Strategies

Digital Materials

  • Bundles

  • Coupon Promos

  • Exclusive Invitation

  • Freebies

A sales strategy is a business plan on how to sell products or services resulting in increased profits.  It is the marketing and sales strategies that keep customers coming back while continuing to draw in new customers. This module introduces successful marketing and promotional tactics focused on customer retention and growth.

Seminar / Workshop

Digital Materials

  • Prework

  • Promote

  • Present

  • Follow Up

Seminars are educational events where content is delivered through one-way communication in front of a large group of people. A workshop is considered an interactive experience with a leader requiring less time than a seminar and usually for a small group of people. The purpose of seminars and workshops in the business world is to inform, educate, or motivate.  This module offers information on the preparation, presentation, and follow up when conducting seminars and workshops.

Skill Set

Digital Materials

  • Communication

  • Client Cues

  • Know Your Why

  • Manage Expectations

Many skills are required when running a successful business.  In order to succeed in day-to-day business operations, it is important to identify the set of skills essential for your success. Your ability to multi-task, make decision, lead, motivate, and communicate effectively will enable you to develop skills as your business grows.  This module focuses on the skills you have which can be amplified to benefit your business while recognizing habits which create unnecessary obstacles to overcome.

Social Media

Digital Materials

  • Audience

  • Content

  • Profile

  • Choose Your Network

In business, social media networks are used to market products, promote brands, and connect with clients while reaching new ones.  The different social media platforms include social networking, blogging, photo sharing, and video sharing.  Through website promotions, brand inspiration, and social media marketing, businesses can plan and publish content all over the world for a minimal cost.  This module goes behind the popular platforms and focuses on fundamentals of social media marketing through content, branding, and audience.


Digital Materials

  • Deliverables

  • Demographics

  • Potential Sponsors

  • Proposal

Did you know the value of finding sponsors for a business event or activity can increase your profit, your audience, and the success of the event or activity? Sponsors do not donate their money, they are making an investment in their business through your business.  It is up to you to sell your event to this very special client.  After all, they are more than a client; they become a virtual partner utilizing their customer base. This module will provide you with the steps required to attract the right sponsors while delivering a value to your sponsors.

Time Management

Digital Materials

  • Effective Calendars

  • Obstacles

  • Task Lists

  • Time Tracking

The ability to use time effectively is a critical skill for any business owner.  Time management is the process of planning and organizing activities within a set amount of time.  By using time management techniques, you can improve on efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.  This module offers time management strategies and common obstacles to avoid.


Digital Materials

  • Audio

  • Interactive Broadcasting

  • Internet Radio

  • Podcasting

A webcast is an online video presentation that can be either live or on-demand. Webcasting is used socially, for broadcasting events and client presentations, and for educations purposes.  With its wide range of audience types and the ability to use mobile devices for viewing, webcasting can be used to promote all types of businesses through demonstration, testimonials, and human interest.  This module introduces different modes of broadcasting through different forms of media webcasting.


Digital Materials

  • Organizer/Presenter

  • Format

  • Registration/Charge

  • Promote

A webinar is an online video seminar featuring a host, a topic of interest, and offers participation from attendees all over the world.  Webinars offer business owners a platform to present their brand and message, connect with customers, general leads, and product demonstrations.  This module covers business solutions through webinar planning and promotion.

Website Promotion

Digital Materials

  • Content Planning

  • Distribution

  • Influencers

  • Syndication

A business' website is the first step to joining the World Wide Web.  The second step is letting people know that the website exists.  Through website promotion, a company employs different methods of marketing to increase visitors to the website while analyzing the behavior of the current website visitors.  This module focuses on website content, campaigns, distribution, and the importance of your website's analytics.




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