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Elite CEO Services offers weekly modules to work within your schedule providing strategic information on current trends, business development planning, best practices for all areas of business, and practical information on the latest tools and available resources. 

​You can choose from one of the popular module bundle plans or, after your complimentary consultation session with ECS, select four (4) modules from the list below which work best for your current business needs. For more information about each module, visit our Strategic Planning Sessions page.


  • Advertising

  • Audience Growth

  • Branding

  • Business Plan

  • Client Acquisition

  • Client Relations

  • Client Retention

  • Documents

  • Ecommerce

  • Email Campaign Marketing

  • Event Planning

  • Internet Radio

  • Legal Needs

  • Legal Structure

  • Live Video

  • Mastermind Dynamics

  • Mindset

  • Money Management

  • Networking

  • Newsletters

  • Presentations

  • Procurement

  • Product Development

  • Product Sales

  • Retail Merchandising

  • Sales

  • Sales Strategies

  • Seminar Workshop

  • Skill Set

  • Social Media

  • Sponsorships

  • Time Management

  • Webcasting

  • Webinar

  • Website Promotion

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